Do you own a commercial premises that produces fats, oils and greases (f.o.g.’s)? If so, you must ensure you deal with it or you could face prosecution.

Grease trap installation and maintenance for business

Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage are Britain’s premier grease trap experts. We do not charge call out and all our work is price fixed, so you know the cost up front.

Drain Doctor can supply, install and maintain all types of grease traps. For small batch installations the Drain Doctor grease wizard is the solution to your challenge.

Don't let your business fall foul of grease trap law

We can also sort out maintenance visits to ensure your grease trap works without a problem. We can even fit a pump to inject grease digesting enzymes if that is required.

See through the f.o.g.’s and contact Drain Doctor to book an assessment visit, don’t fall foul of the law. Sort out your grease trap needs today.