A beautiful rose covered thatched cottage is something many people would see as the ultimate dream.

We understand older properties and those not on mains sewerage

Don’t forget the cottage has drains and environmental laws prescribe what is legal with regards to the site drainage.

Need us out of hours? No problem!

Be it an old fashioned cesspit or septic tank or a modern private effluent treatment plant, just call Drain Doctor who are experts in all these situations. 

Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage are Britain’s premier emergency contractors available 24/7/365 with no overtime or call out charges.  

  • We understand all types of private sewage systems and soakaways.    
  • We can install, maintain and help you to understand your system.

With increasing pressure on ground water aquifers, often local authorities are requiring that new build and building restorers install treatment plants to dispose of waste water. Once fitted the discharge is monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure the discharge does not exceed consent limits.

Make sure your investment in your green future is well spent.